The next day was a blur — he was in ICU and he did wake up after I got there. We talked with him again and told him he was doing well. He was still hooked up to a lot of tubes with fluids and blood going into his body and fluids and blood going out.

Though the slit in the screen, we could see the people coming and going from the other man’s room — the one who was dying. While he was not the only person in the ICU, he was the only one receiving a lot of guests. Even Greg noticed him at some point and asked if the man had had a transplant. We told him no– he had not been well enough to get a transplant. He died some time late in the day.

I think it was this day that they first took him to the imaging center to see how the line between his intestine and his new liver was going. I remember walking down to the facility with him and waiting in the waiting room, in the hall, in the waiting room, in the hall… At some point, his surgeon with his entourage walked by into the imaging center. He then walked out with his entourage never even noticing me in the hallway. a little later, a doctor came out to explain that the issue was that the duct from Greg’s own bile duct was much smaller than the one from the new liver and thus fluids were not able to pass properly. He told me they would watch it closely.

We returned to ICU and a long line of visits of doctors and advisers. We had not heard anything before about preparing for the transplant for we had been told it would be 2-3 years before Greg would be at the top of the list. Thus we were not prepared but we were going to be inaugurated quickly. I was told that I would start staying at the hospital as soon as Greg was moved into a regular hospital room so that I could learn how to care for him.

They suspected that would be the next day. He was in considerable pain and exhausted after they moved him back up. The ICU had hours where they kicked the family out. My daughter and Luke took me out to dinner during one of those times. Our son was there by the end of the evening. I don’t remember him being in the hospital but I do remember them helping me check into my hotel — I think they had come in late in the evening before. I slept in a hotel again that night.